Self-taught, sustainability-guided & beauty-driven Digital Designer + Photographer with a Bachelor of Media in Advertising and a decade of experience.

Working with cultural & commercial institutions + private clients to help them understand their audience, build their brand & design experiences that harmonize with the motive behind their existence.

Finding inspiration in Contemporary Art, Culture, Fashion, Music, Food and, most important, People.



Absolut (RO), Ballantines (RO), Benihana (RO), Calif (RO), Chivas (RO), Coca Cola (RO), Gymshark (US), Hadar Chalet (RO), Havana Club (RO), ING Tech (RO), Jameson (RO), Kaufland (RO), Liliac (RO), Lidl (RO), MedLife (RO), miro (NL), PENNY. (RO), Profi (RO), Ramada Plaza (RO), Sheraton (RO), Shoteria (RO), Zip Up (RO)


Visual Identity (Naming, Logo + Mark & Icon Design, Stationery Design, Brand Guidelines)

Graphic Design (Motion Graphics, Book + Catalogue & Magazine Design, Event Collateral, Packaging & Product Design, Poster Design, Social Media Design)

Photo & Video (Concept, Art Direction, Shooting, Studio-Quality Editing, Color Grading, Motion Design)

Consultancy (Research, Assistance & Supervision in Design Thinking + Creative Processes, Workshops)