I'm , a designer & photographer working with visual design, brand identities + strategy for over a decade.

Guided by a strong ethical compass, I am committed to crafting sustainable, inclusive + accesible experiences that enhance both digital & physical environments.

Anchored in the belief that technology makes life easier, my data-driven approach centers on designing systems that promote inclusivity, positively influence human behavior & enhance well-being.


Website Design System (ISCA, 2022)


Digital Visual Identity (Queer+Kinky, 2022)


Newsletter Design (The Red Pill, 2022)


Digital Visual Identity (Prince Jayden's Adventures, 2022)


Food Delivery App Prototype (2021)


Free Stock Photography (2021)


KV Local Rework (ABSOLUT, 2020)


Branding + Photography (pHEMP, 2020)


Social Media Card (ABSOLUT, 2020)


Video Shooting + Production (Havana Club, 2019)


Campaign Concept + Visuals (Liliac, 2019)


Festival Photography (Havana Club x Electric Castle, 2019)


Repositioning Campaign (Havana Club, 2019)


Campaign Concept + Visuals (Liliac, 2018)


Branding (Machina Events, 2018)


App UI (Coca Cola, 2018)


Poster Design (The Ace, 2017)


Packaging Redesign (RawCoco, 2017)


Brand & Product Design (Not-a-Gem, 2016)


Branding (AnneMarie PR, 2016)


Branding (Dsgnr Studio, 2016)


Book Cover Design (Bogdan Dima, 2015)

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ABSOLUT (RO), Ballantines (RO), Benihana (RO), Calif (RO), Chivas (RO), Coca Cola (RO), Gymshark (US), Hadar Chalet (RO), Havana Club (RO), ING Tech (RO), InsideTracker (US), Jameson (RO), Kaufland (RO), Liliac (RO), Lidl (RO), MedLife (RO), miro (NL), PENNY. (RO), Ramada Plaza (RO), Sheraton (RO), Zip Up (RO)


Design (Brand identity design, Print design, Digital design, UI/UX design, Motion design)

Strategy (Research, Naming, Brand strategy + narrative, Purpose, vision + values, Community building + engagement)

Photo & Video (Art Direction, Filter creation, Studio-quality editing, Color grading)

Experience (Brand identity implementation, Brand guidelines, Consultancy & supervision in Design Thinking, Streamlining creative processes)